6 Amazing Things To Do In Hunstanton

Hunstanton has a lot to offer to the traveller. It is blessed with some of the best beaches on England's east coast. This picture-perfect seaside resort will not disappoint a tourist who is looking for fun and adventure. To get the most out of the expedition, it is important to plan. Travellers should make arrangements on where they will stay. There are many hunstanton hotels to choose from.
Hunstanton offers the best of nature. There are also modern attractions to be explored. Things to do in Hunstanton include:

1. Water Adventure

There are different water activities you can undertake in Hunstanton. It is one of the best places in Norfolk for water adventure. You can enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, and swimming.
If you are vacationing as a family, paddle boarding will be a great family adventure. It is easy to learn paddle boarding even for the kids.

2. Golfing

For some golfing adventure, you can visit Hunstanton Golfing Club, which ranks among the top 100 in the U.K. It has hosted some of England's top amateur tournaments.

3. Sea Life Adventure

SEA LIFE Hunstanton will take you on a memorable undersea odyssey. You will enjoy amazing close encounters with a wide range of sea creatures.

4. Visiting the Beach

Hunstanton beach is a great day trip destination. You will enjoy walking along this massive beach as you relish fish and chips. There is plenty of sand and amazing rock formations on Hunstanton beach.
Near Hunstanton beach, there are several good shops and restaurants. The kids can enjoy donkey rides during the beach trip. While on the beach front, you can decide to purchase some delicious home-made ice cream.
Hunstanton beach is a very safe beach. You will have the opportunity to pick some shells as you walk along the beach.

5. Boat Trip

If there is one thing that you shouldn't fail to do when visiting Hunstanton then it is going on a boat trip. This will enable you to spot the seals in their natural habitat. Hunstanton has the largest colony of common seals in the United Kingdom. The boat trip will also enable you to have a fresh look of Hunstanton's multi-tone cliffs.
During the busy tourism months, you will need to reserve a boat trip ahead of time. Most Hunstanton boat trips usually last for around one hour.

6. Touring Norfolk Lavender Farm

Hunstanton has England's largest lavender farm that grows over 100 acres of this beautiful crop. The best time to visit this farm is in July and August. This is the time when lavender is in bloom.
You will be able to explore the fields and take photographs. You can visit the farm shop which sells an assortment of lavender cosmetics, scents, soaps, and oils.

The Bottom-Line

Hunstanton is a place of adventure. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Hunstanton from different parts of the world. You cannot fully explore Hunstanton in one trip. You will need to make repeat trips in the future. Each trip will be more interesting and adventurous than the subsequent one.